Lead Water Filters

Recently a number of cartridge-type water filtering devices that remove lead from drinking water have become available. These filters are for household uses and can remove a broad range of contaminants, including lead. There are various styles of filters such as point-of-entry (POE) and point-of-use (POU).

Point-of-use filters are typically less expensive and easier to maintain. These consist of faucet mounts and pitcher-style units. Any type of water treatment device that you choose should meet National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) standards. For lead removal, filters must be certified to meet NSF Standard 53, and the filter package should specifically list the device as certified for removing the contaminant lead. You should choose the type of filter that best fits your needs.

The NSF has a website specifically for water filters to remove lead.

Importance of Replacement

It is important to routinely replace the filter cartridges according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Water filters and cartridges can vary in their length of use and replacement costs. Failure to do so may result in exposure to higher levels of lead.