Avoiding Frozen Pipes

The City's Water and Sewer Maintenance Division is offering some helpful advice to residents to avoid frozen water pipes. By following a few practical tips, most residents can avoid freezing pipes this winter.

Inside of Building

  1. Maintain heat at a minimum of 55 degrees.
  2. Avoid cold drafts by the water meter or exposed pipes by replacing broken windows, caulking holes in foundations and window frames.
  3. If the water meter or piping is near the foundation, in a crawl space, or in another area where cold temperatures are present, wrap the meter and pipes and insulate the area.
  4. When temperatures are severely cold, run the cold water faucet at a minimal rate to maintain water movement through your piping to prevent freezing.

Outside of Building

  1. Change outside faucets so that they are the non-freezing type.
  2. If the water service line coming into your building is shallow, (recommended depth is 5 feet) a plumber, bonded and licensed with the City of Aurora, can estimate the cost of lowering your service line.

When a Pipe May Be Frozen

  1. Contact a bonded and licensed plumber to properly investigate and thaw the line.
  2. If you suspect where the pipe is frozen within your building, a hot air hair dryer can be applied to thaw the pipe, Never use a torch or any type of devise with a flame.
  3. Contact the City of Aurora Water Meter Repair Department at 630-256-3720 or the Water and Sewer Maintenance Department at 630-256-3710 for any questions or concerns related to frozen pipes.