Duties and Qualifications


In order to maintain and implement the City's Bicycle, Pedestrian and Alternative Transportation Plan some examples of what the members are empowered to give recommendations on and other efforts are:
  • Support and advise the planning process, as well as guide and encourage the development of projects, programs and infrastructure. The Advisory Board will routinely be given the opportunity to provide input into City processes including:
    • Capital Improvement Program – Provide bicycle and pedestrian perspective to the review of the City’s capital projects and provide recommendations for enhancements and/or stand-alone projects as priorities for the next CIP, each year.
    • Site design and other development review – Provide bicycle and pedestrian perspective to the review of new development or re-development projects and provide recommendations for enhancements.
    • Maintenance – Periodically review conditions on the City’s bike way system and make prioritized maintenance recommendations.
    • Bicycle Friendly Community - Head the effort to win and maintain the national designation, including filling out the application, strategizing which areas need improvement, and advocating for those improvements.
  • Increase the visibility of the issues among staff, elected officials, and the general public. The Advisory Board will work on one-time and ongoing projects, events and activities to promote outreach and education including:
    • Bring or apply a variety of available education, enforcement, and outreach resources – such as those detailed in the plan.
    • Act as volunteer “bicycle ambassadors” at community events.
    • Lead bike-related events, such as Bike to Work Day/Week/Month or Bike to School Day.
    • Put together Safe Routes to School programming and grant applications
  • Assist the City Council and the Mayor’s Office in balancing community priorities and resources and implementing best practices. The Advisory Board will be a resource to the elected officials and staff including:
    • Being up to date on the latest projects, technologies and best practices in the region and beyond.
    • Prioritizing specific locations where bicycle infrastructure is needed.
    • Prioritize locations for way finding signage, and specifying destination content for sign based on general guidelines from the plan.
    • "Field test" demand-actuated traffic signals along the planned bike way network, to determine and prioritize where bicycle-actuation improvements are needed.
  • Research and assist in the application for funding opportunities that will enhance the bicycle, pedestrian, and transit opportunities within the community. The Advisory Board will work to identify grants, partnerships, and sponsorship opportunities and when appropriate secure funding.


Desirable Qualifications

A member’s primary job is to provide a key vehicle for public involvement in the planning and development process for bicycle, pedestrian and transit facilities. Therefore, the first priority of a Member must be to develop decision-making skills and knowledge of City’s infrastructure and policies, and local and national trends. It is not critical to have training in fields such as planning and engineering as these are skills that are available to the Members from staff however, the firsthand knowledge and the ability and desire to understand the concerns, needs and issues is essential.

Suggested Qualifications

Suggested qualifications for a Member include
  • Possess relevant, specialized expertise – including bicyclist (members with a range of experience is desirable), active transportation commuters, and accessibility and pedestrian advocates.
  • A willingness and ability to research and report on issues, programs and policies.
  • A willingness to attend night meetings on a regular basis and to work on tasks outside of the meetings.
  • A willingness to assist in implementing projects as decided upon by the City Council.
  • The ability to fairly represent different areas of interest, knowledge and expertise, including but not limited to bicyclists, pedestrians, transit users and other constituents.
  • The ability to sustain harmonious working relationships with other Members, the City Council, residents, staff and the general public.
  • A willingness to attend related extracurricular meeting and training seminars.
  • Civic minded and genuinely interested in the advancement of the quality of life of the City.
  • Should be energetic and outgoing, not afraid to speak out, and be able to express yourself clearly and concisely in public.