Spring Street Rain Gardens

  • Location - South side of Spring Street between 4th Street and Root Street
  • Purpose - The purpose of the Spring Street rain gardens is to clean and infiltrate stormwater runoff from Spring Street and adjacent property. Uses rain gardens planted with landscaped native plants and the existing sand and gravel beneath the rain garden to clean and infiltrate the stormwater.
  • Size - Five 50 foot long rain gardens. The BMP area is 2,700 square feet (0.062 acres)
  • BMP Design - Fully treats the first 3/4 inch of runoff from 1.3 acres of residential street and adjacent property. Existing sand and gravel beneath the BMP provides excellent infiltration.
  • BMP Benefit - Decreases the total volume of runoff by 72%, and removes 288 pounds of total suspended solids and 113 pounds of chemical oxygen demand per year.
  • Status - Completed Spring 2010
New rain garden topsoil during construction.