RiverEdge Park Stormwater Wetland Bio-Swale

  • Location - Along the bike path on the east bank of the Fox River across from the U.S. Post Office on Broadway Avenue
  • Purpose - Cleans stormwater runoff from an existing storm sewer before the stormwater flows into the Fox River. Uses a manufactured stormwater quality unit and a bio-swale planted with landscaped native vegetation to detain and clean the stormwater.
  • BMP Size - The BMP area is 6,500 square feet (0.15 acres).
  • BMP Design - Fully treats the first ¾ inch of runoff from 5.2 acres of Broadway Avenue and industrial parking lots.
  • BMP Benefit - Decreases the peak discharge rate to the river by 80%. Removes 7,700 lbs of total suspended solids and 1,813 pounds of chemical oxygen demand per year.
  • Status - Completed Spring 2010
RiverEdge Park Stormwater Wetland Bio-Swale