Neighborhood Support

Nieghborhood KidsThe Neighborhood Group Support Initiative helps residents organize in their neighborhoods, giving residents the opportunity to get more information and resources to neighborhoods, voice concerns, and build relationships with the Aurora Police Department. The Initiative began in 2015 at the direction of the Mayor and City Council to strengthen relationships between neighbors, City officials, and police.

It also reduces crime, builds stronger neighborhoods, and improves the quality of life for Aurora residents. When neighbors know each other and patrol officers and residents work together, neighborhoods become safe, friendly places to live.

Neighborhood Group Listing

Find out if an organized neighborhood group exists in your neighborhood. Residents interested in starting a new neighborhood group should email the Neighborhood Group Support team.

National Night Out

National Night Out is an annual nationwide campaign held on the 1st Tuesday in August to bring people out of their homes to build relationships with their neighbors and police officers in an effort to create safer and healthier neighborhoods. NNO events help build positive relationships between law enforcement and residents and strengthen a sense of community.

Apply for National Night Out Funding

The City of Aurora may provide funds for hosting a National Night Out event. Applications are due June 1 of the same year. Contact us via email with questions.

Neighborhood Connection Events

Neighborhood Connection events may be hosted by a neighborhood group, an organization, or individual wishing to start a neighborhood group or bring residents together to build interest in a neighborhood group. Neighborhood Connection events bring residents together to help improve quality of life and develop partnerships with city officials and the police department.

Apply for Neighborhood Connection Funding

The City of Aurora may provide funds for hosting a Neighborhood Connection event. Contact us via email with questions.