Equipment Services


It is the vision of Equipment Services to become an industry leader by transforming into a learning organization that recognizes the strength in advancing the knowledge of its members in order to sustain a competitive edge. This knowledge will create an environment of inquiry that will increase our creativity and experimentation and propel us into a results driven organization. In addition, promote the Six Pillars of a Person of Character to provide the City with unsurpassed quality and workmanship in the service that we provide.

Green Fleets

The City of Aurora Equipment Services has been a leader in the user and promotion of alternative fuels. The City has received the Illinois Green Fleets Designation award in 2005 from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. This award is in recognition for the City's proactive use of the clean burning fuels E85 and bio-diesel. As a matter of fact, 35% of the City of Aurora's fleet use these bio-fuels. Both of these fuels are made from Midwest farm products. E85 is an alternative fuel that is 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. Ethanol is a product made from corn that reduces vehicle emissions and supports our local economy plus reduces our dependency on foreign oil. In addition it is a renewable resource. Bio-diesel is a mixture of soybean oil and diesel fuel and provides similar benefits. Both of these products provide many economic benefits to the local economy since Illinois is one of the largest growers of corn and soybeans in the nation.


One of our three core values is Community. Equipment Services believes that together as a team we can make a difference. It's being a good citizen and a good neighbor. Equipment Services is an active participant in many community and professional organizations such as:
  • Aurora Jaycees
  • Aurora Kiwanis Club
  • Automotive Transportation Supervisors Association
  • Boy and Girl Scouts of America
  • Chicago Area Clean Cities Coalition
  • Illinois Fire Apparatus Mechanics Association
  • Local School Districts and Ward Committees
  • Municipal Fleet Managers Association
Equipment Services has teamed with East Aurora High School Mural Club to design and paint the popular Phillips Park Tram as well as student shadowing programs.

Aurora Wrenchmasters

The Wrenchmaster logo is a unique emblem that we have adopted to symbolize our quality, professionalism, and innovation. Equipment Services technicians are highly skilled professionals that annually receive 40 hours of automotive technical training. Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certifies our technicians in a vast array of automotive specialties, Emergency Vehicles Technician (EVT) certifies technicians in emergency equipment repairs and service, and American Welding Society (AWS) which certify welding and metal fabrication.
Aurora Wrenchmasters
Equipment Services provides unsurpassed customer service. Our posted benchmarks and measurements provides a forum to compare and track our progress in the services we provide. We are available 24/7 for any and all emergency needs. Our up fitting of emergency lighting, electrical components and equipment to new vehicles is state of the art.

Major Functions

  • Effectively maintain all city equipment and vehicles.
  • Develop programs to increase the efficiency of city equipment by standardization and adaptability between all divisions to assure full utilization of the equipment and reduce costs.
  • Analyze, evaluate and coordinate all city equipment requirements and replacement intervals.
  • Review and establish equipment specifications.
  • Support operational needs of other City departments.
  • Coordinate the sale and/or disposal of equipment.
  • Maintain the city's fuel inventory and process disbursements and chargebacks.
  • Maintain and secure the Central Garage Facility.

Aurora Fleet Facts

  • Annual Miles (Total Fleet) - 3,261,678
  • Annual Gallons of Fuel (Total Fleet) - 404,959

Numbers of Equipment by Type 

Type of Equipment
Motorized Equipment
Non-Motorized Equipment
Total Equipment

Fuel Type Used by Motorized Vehicles and Equipment 

Fuel Type
Number of Vehicles
Unleaded Gasoline
B-5 Diesel*
E/85* 100
Electrical 6
Hybrid 2
Non-Motorized 238
Total 876
* Fuels from domestic products.

Equipment Services

  • 13 Equipment Technicians
  • 12 technicians are ASE, EVT and AWS certified
  • Over 300 years of automotive experience
  • 76:1 equipment to technician ratio (substantially better than national average)