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Mission Statement

We work to provide the residents of Aurora with the highest quality, comprehensive solid waste program and to address increasing amounts of refuse, rising collection and disposal costs, legislative restrictions, and growing environmental concerns.

Residential Collection Services

Refuse, yard waste and curbside recycling service is provided once a week for each residence. The City is divided into 5 sections. Your pick up day depends on the section in which you reside. All waste and recyclables are scheduled to be picked up on the same day. However, depending on volume, bundled brush or yard waste may be a day late.

Refuse and Recycling collection is a volume based Cart Program. Residents are required to use a properly sized cart provided by the authorized waste hauler. For any refuse or garbage that does not fit in the refuse cart, residents need to properly attach a waste sticker to each 32 gallon garbage can or bag set out for collection. Large items and bulk items also require 1 sticker per item. Stickers can be purchased at most grocery and hardware stores, at GROOT or at City Hall for a cost of $2.75 each.

   *Stickers may only be along with the cart program, not in the place of using a cart.

Holiday Schedule

If one of the following holidays falls on your scheduled collection day (visit MyPlace or download the Low Volume Collection Dates for information on your scheduled pick-up day), your collection and all subsequent collections that week will be delayed by 1 day: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Note that if the holiday falls on a Saturday, it is observed on Friday; if the holiday falls on Sunday, it is observed on Monday. Your garbage pickup will be affected by the day the holiday is observed on.