The City of Aurora’s updated trash and recycling program offers 5 different collection options through its waste hauler Groot. The new program is designed to give residents the flexibility to select the type of service that best meets their household’s needs and budget, while at the same time reducing worker injuries and encouraging recycling.
A man looking at a pile of trash next to a road.

3 Trash Cart Choices

Under the new program, Groot provides residents separate trash and recycling carts-both with lids to help keep the community cleaner. All trash carts have wheels and come in 3 convenient, affordable sizes. Additional cans or bags may be placed at the curb with a sticker for collection. Groot bills residents quarterly. Carts remain the property of Groot.

2 Recycling Cart Choices

Carts can be 35 Gallon or 65 Gallon: Residents continue to enjoy unlimited recycling. Each household receives a 35 or 65 gallon cart that has wheels and a lid. Additional recyclables may be placed by the curb in containers that do not exceed 25 gallons of capacity. Recycling does not require a sticker.

Senior Option

This option allows eligible seniors (65 and older) to use special 14 gallon orange bags for trash. Bags cost $1.70 per bag and may be purchased in rolls of 20 for $34.00 at designated retail locations. When signing up for this program, seniors also receive their choice of a 35 gallon or 65 gallon recycling cart with weekly service. View a list of orange bag retailers (PDF).

Low-Volume Option

The limited, low-volume option provides trash collection twice per month in a specially marked 35 gallon cart. Beginning the week of January 7th 2019, The City of Aurora's low-volume option provides trash collection every other week in a specially marked 35-gallon cart. Recycling occurs weekly using a 35 gallon cart. The cost for this service is $9.72 per month. Access a calendar of Low Volume Collection Dates here.


Trash, recycling, yard waste and large items are collected on the same day with a separate driver and vehicle for each type of service.

Collection Holidays

The following holidays are observed by Groot:
  • Christmas Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Memorial Day
  • New Year's Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
When one of these holidays falls on or before your collection day collections are delayed one day that week.