Trash Program

A blue garbage truck.

More Options for You - A Cleaner Community for All

In an effort to improve service and decrease costs for most residents, the City of Aurora is implementing an improved trash and recycling program. The new program provides the same quality service residents currently enjoy, while preventing those late night trips for garbage stickers.

After much research and planning, the City of Aurora extended the contract with Republic Services - the City's waste hauler for more than 20 years - to offer a contemporary approach to trash hauling. A change in times and technology with the industry calls for improved methods of collection. The new program includes separate trash and recycling carts - both with lids to help keep the community cleaner.

3 Trash Cart Choices

With the new program, you now have more options to choose from to better fit your personal needs. All carts have wheels and lids and come in three convenient, affordable sizes:
  • 35 Gallon - $10.82 per month*
  • 65 Gallon - $13.92 per month*
  • 95 Gallon - $20.02 per month*
* Republic Services will bill quarterly.
3 blue garbage bins in a line.

2 Recycling Cart Choices

The new program will continue to include unlimited recycling. Residents will be provided a choice of a 35 or 65 gallon cart that has wheels and a lid. With increased capacity over current recycling bins, recycling will be easier and more convenient than ever. Lidded carts help keep neighborhoods tidier by preventing flyaway trash.

1 Convenient Place to Deliver New Carts & Dispose of Old Carts

  • It will take approximately 90 days to deliver the 80,000 plus new carts to all of Aurora.
  • Carts will be delivered between July 1 and September 30, 2015.
  • Republic Services will communicate with you prior to your actual delivery date.
  • With your cart delivery you will receive instructions from Republic Services on how to handle your unwanted trash and recycle containers.