TercoAdoptable Animals

Please visit the Pet Finder website for a list of all our wonderful animals available for adoption.

Please read the information before clicking on the links to see the animals available for adoption. We hope the following information will be helpful if you are considering adopting an animal from our shelter.

Adoption Steps

Once you have picked an animal to adopt the following is required:

  1. An adoption application is filled out.
  2. Everyone in the household is required to see the animal you are adopting prior to the actual adoption. We cannot guarantee the pet you would be adopting is housebroken, nor do we guarantee the temperament of the animal with children, adults, or other pets. Many of the animals we have are stray animals and we do not know their background. 
  3. If you are adopting a dog and you have a dog at home, it is required that your dog be introduced to the dog you are considering to adopt.
  4. If you rent, verification that you are permitted to have a pet in your residence is required from your landlord.
  5. All dogs and cats are spayed/neutered prior to adoption per IL state law.
  6. If you live within the city limits of Aurora and are adopting a pet, it is required that this pet be registered with the city. 
Adoption Fees
Kitten (under 6 months old)
$125 (Two kittens for $200)
Cat (6 months – 6 years old)
$75 (Bonded pair of cats $100)
Senior Cat (7 years of age or older)
$50 (Bonded pair of senior cats $50)
Puppy (under 6 months old)
Dog (6 months – 6 years old)
$150 (Bonded pair of dogs $150)
Senior Dog (7 years of age of older)
$100 (Bonded pair of senior dogs $100)
Ferret, rabbit, parrot
Guinea pig, rats, cockatiel, medium bird
Hamster, gerbil, mouse, small bird
 All other animalsVaries, Amount to be determined by the City