Tree Planting Guidelines

All trees purchased through the 50/50 Parkway Tree Program are required to be planted within the area of the right-of-way in front of or on the sides of the purchaser's property. The right-of-way area available for planting the trees varies at each property.

The parkway review will assess the area to make sure that the following guidelines are adhered to:
  • Trees do not conflict with existing utilities
  • Minimum distance of 50 feet from intersection
  • Trees are located at least 30 to 50 feet from any other tree
  • Trees are at least 25 feet from an overhead light or fire hydrant
  • Adequate area for a tree to grow healthy
  • Trees cannot be planted in the same location where previous tree was removed.
  • Where irrigation systems are installed in the parkway, the City of Aurora or its landscape contractor will not be responsible for any damage caused by tree planting.
The City of Aurora will continue to plant free parkway trees where trees have been removed. However, City officials report that this process can take years because of the cost of trees and the quantity that need to be replaced.