Fees & Fines

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 Dog & Cat Registration 1 year3 year 
Seniors 60 and Over/First Responders 
Spay/neutered & Microchipped$5 $10 FREE
Spay/neutered$20 $40 $10 
Intact$75$150 $50 
Service dogFREE FREE FREE 
Replacement tag$1 $1 FREE 

*Per Chapter 9 of the City of Aurora Code of Ordinances, service dog definition is defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, service animals are dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities.  Only dogs may be considered service animals.  The dog must be trained to take a specific action when needed to assist the person with a disability in accordance with the ADA.  Animals whose sole function is to provide comfort are not considered service animals.  

Adoption Fees

Adoption Fees
Kitten (under 6 months old)$125 (Two kittens for $200)
Cat (6 months – 6 years old)$75 (Bonded pair of cats $100)
Senior Cat (7 years of age or older)$50 (Bonded pair of senior cats $50)
Puppy (under 6 months old)$200
Dog (6 months – 6 years old)$150 (Bonded pair of dogs $150)
Senior Dog (7 years of age of older)$100 (Bonded pair of senior dogs $100)
Ferret, rabbit, parrot$50
Guinea pig, rats, cockatiel, medium bird$25
Hamster, gerbil, mouse, small bird$15
All other animalsVaries, Amount to be determined by the City

Reclaim Fees

Reclaim Fees
First reclaim$50
Second reclaim$75
Third reclaim$100
Fourth reclaim$250
Fifth or subsequent reclaim$500
Board per day$15
Afterhours pick up by an officer$50


Seniors 60 and Over/First RespondersFREE


Spayed/neutered cat or dog—Aurora resident$50
Intact cat or dog—Aurora resident$75
Spayed/neutered cat or dog—Outside Aurora city limits$100
Intact cat or dog—Outside Aurora city limits$150
Litters (including nursing mom)$15
Small pet—Aurora resident$50


Additional pet permit$25
Breeder permit$100 annually
Foster permit$25


Citations1st offense2nd offense3rd or more offense
Violation for Pet Stores and Animal-Related Businesses, Cruelty, Animals Used for Entertainment$500$1,000$2,50
Violation for Bite/Attack, Dangerous Animals, Dog Barking/Excessive Noise, Abandonment or Humane Care$2,50$500$1,000
All other violations$100$2,50$500

Field Services

Field Services
Pick up of owned animal$50 ($10 for each additional animal)
Trap deposit$50

Humane Euthanasia & Disposal

Humane Euthanasia & Disposal
Disposal—Aurora resident$25
Disposal—Outside Aurora city limits$50
Humane euthanasia$50

Rabies Observation

Rabies Observation
Two veterinary examinations$100/exam
10 day quarantine cat (per day)$20
10 day quarantine dog (per day)$30
Specimen SubmissionVaries