Fees & Fines

Pet Registration

Pet Registration for pets residing within the city limits is mandatory. They are very important in getting lost animals back to their owner. They are required for dogs and cats only. Registrations may be purchased at the Animal Control Facility.

Registration Fees

All tags should be displayed on the pet's collar, and the collar should be on the pet at all times when outside. Renewal notices will be mailed to the pet owner at expiration of tags. To pay for this online, you will need the notice in hand.
A brown puppy with dog tags on its collar.
Type of Fee
1 Year
3 Years
Senior Citizens
Registered Show Cat/Dog or Altered and Micro-Chipped Cat/Dog
Free None Free
Altered Cat/Dog
$10 $20 $5
Unaltered Cat/Dog
$50 None $25

Reclaim Fees - a Tag is Lost Pet's Ticket Home

Fees are per animal. Veterinary care provided to stray animals is the sole responsibility of the animal’s owner. Fees are assessed on the owner of the animal. If a previous animal was impounded, and that animal is no longer owned, and a new pet is impounded it is treated as a subsequent offense.
1st Offense
2nd Offense $30
3rd Offense $50
4th Offense $100
5th Offense
6th Offense $300

Boarding Fees

Boarding fees are charged for each day that an animal spends at Animal Control. This helps to cover the cost of cleaning, feeding and caring for the animals. The fees are $10 per day, per animal.

Adoption Fees

All animals adopted from our facility are required by state law to be spayed or neutered. Adopters sign a contract that states that they will have this done within a 30 day time period. Adopters who fail to have this procedure done risk the chance of having the pet impounded. The fees are $90 for residents of Aurora and non-residents.

Release of Ownership Fees

The fees for residents are $30, while the fees for non-residents are $60 if the animal was adopted from Aurora Animal Care and Control.

Animal Disposal Fees

Residents outside the City limits will be required to pay double the fee required for City residents. The fee is $25 for any size of animal.

Cat Traps

Traps are loaned out for the sole purpose of the trapping of stray cats that citizens of Aurora are bothered with. These traps are "live" traps, and do not harm the animal when it becomes trapped. A deposit fee of $50 is required to obtain a trap. The deposit fee is refunded upon return of the trap. Traps should not be set on weekends or in evenings. This allows for the quick removal of the animal by Animal Control staff when an animal becomes trapped.