Property Standards

The Division of Property Standards enforces codes in neighborhoods and in rental properties, ensuring that neighborhoods and rental homes stay safe. Property Standards staff also works with neighborhood groups and individual residents to help them identify code issues, prevent blight and improve curb appeal in their neighborhoods.

Property Standards inspectors address problems including but not limited to:

  • Abandoned cars or cars parked on grass
  • Deteriorating houses (including broken windows, falling gutters and unsafe stairs)
  • High weeds
  • Illegal businesses in neighborhoods
  • Junk and trash
  • Substandard housing (including illegal basement apartments, unregistered landlords, overcrowding)
  • Much more
The division also runs Aurora's rental and vacant licensing program. For the safety of residents and the protection of landlords, all rental properties in Aurora are subject to annual inspection and all landlords must be licensed. 

Register a Complaint

If you would like to register a complaint, please fill out a request through the city's Customer Service Division. Call them at 630-256-INFO (4636) or fill out an online complaint form. In order to provide the best level of service through the most accurate information, please provide a direct street address.
If you have an after hours complaint regarding no heat or carbon monoxide poisoning,  call 911.