HOME Investment Partnership Program (HOME)

About the Program

The Home Investment Partnership (HOME) Program was put into place with the National Affordable Housing Act of 1990 and serves to provide decent, affordable housing to low-income households through structured support of non-profit housing providers, local and state governments and private sector participants.

Our Successes with this Program

In conjunction with the Community Development Block Grant, we were able to accomplish the following for the families of Aurora:
  • Provided 331 Aurora residents with job training and skill development services to cope with a challenging economy.
  • Funded urgent upgrades to 63 housing units ensuring that Aurora's housing stock is decent and safe.
  • Assisted 139 Aurora households with foreclosure prevention services so that residents with financial problems could keep their homes.
  • Assisted 733 Aurora residents (including children and veterans) to avoid homelessness by providing shelter, counseling, training, legal aid and food support.
The HOME Investment Partnership Act receives approximately $750,000 annually from Federal money, which has been declining at the rate of 3-5%. The Community Development Block Grant receives approximately $2.2 million annually.
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