Investment Partnership Program (HOME)

About the Program

HOME is provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to provide decent, affordable housing for low income individuals.
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Our Successes with this Program

In conjunction with the Community Development Block Grant, we were able to accomplish the following for the families of Aurora:
  • Provided 331 Aurora residents with job training and skill development services to cope with a challenging economy.
  • Funded urgent upgrades to 63 housing units ensuring that Aurora's housing stock is decent and safe.
  • Assisted 139 Aurora households with foreclosure prevention services so that residents with financial problems could keep their homes.
  • Assisted 733 Aurora residents (including children and veterans) to avoid homelessness by providing shelter, counseling, training, legal aid and food support.
The HOME Investment Partnership Act receives approximately $450,000 annually from Federal money, which has been declining at the rate of 3-5%. The Community Development Block Grant receives approximately $1.3 million annually. Through this funding we were able to assist over 2,000 residents in 2012.
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