Vacant & Foreclosed Property Registration

As of February 9th 2016, an Ordinance Amending Chapter 12 and establishing a Vacant and Foreclosure Registration has been adopted.

Vacant Property Registration

Per the ordinance, any structure that has remained vacant for at least 6 months must register as a vacant property and pay a registration fee of $250.  The Vacancy status runs with the property, not the owner.The fee for renewing a vacant structure is $250 each renewal date for the first 24 months. Thereafter, if the property remains vacant, the fee shall increase to $500 on each renewal date.
* A Certificate of Liability Insurance for each vacant property must be provided to the City with the initial vacant property registration form AND subsequent renewal applications per Sec 12-509 of the City ordinances. Limits must meet the coverage listed on the registration/renewal form.*

Foreclosure Property Registration

Per the ordinance, the property must be registered as foreclosure within (14) days of a legal filing seeking foreclosure or for a tax deed or other judicial proceeding seeking ownership of a property and including those persons involved in a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure process, all such persons shall register said property as set forth in this article and pay the registration fee of $250. If the property is determined to be vacant, the person shall register the property as vacant pursuant to this article.

Both Vacant & Foreclosure registration shall be renewed January 1st and July 1st of each calendar year.