Be a Good Neighbor

15 Ways to Be a Good Neighbor

Follow these hints to keep your residence well-maintained. Know your city's standards and property ordinances.
  1. Keep your swimming pool covered and inaccessible to children, as well as free of stagnant water.
  2. Register all dogs and cats with the city to obtain a pet license. Clean up after your pet. Keep pets from roaming loosely or barking excessively.
  3. Be sure you have working smoke detectors. Replace batteries regularly.
  4. Check if building permits are required for remodeling or construction. Obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness if working within the historic districts or the downtown.
  5. Respect your neighbors. Keep your music from disturbing them.
  6. Remove all seasonal decorations no later than 60 days after the holiday.
  7. Be sure your address number is readable and well lit so emergency personnel can find you if necessary.
  8. Keep the exterior of your house in good repair. Report and remove graffiti immediately.
  9. Do not park/store commercial or undriveable vehicles or conduct major repairs on them. Park campers or RVs in side or rear yards on approved surfaces.
  10. When parking, do not block the public sidewalk or driveway approach.
  11. Keep tree branches and shrubbery trimmed.
  12. Zoning and occupancy disclosure forms must be provided to buyers for residential real estate closings. Know occupancy standards before renting or buying.
  13. Regularly mow your lawn. Keep your property clean. Do not park vehicles on the grass.
  14. Place trash by the curb after 7 p.m. on the evening before pickup. Remove containers after pick up on garage day. Store containers out of view from the street.
  15. Before constructing a fence, have your property surveyed. A fence permit is required.
Many of the standards on this page are contained within local ordinances-local laws adopted by your elected City Council. If you have any questions, call 630-256-INFO (4636). Citations can be issued when there are violations. If you live in a Historic District or a neighborhood governed by an association, you may have additional rules and guidelines to follow.