Zoning & Occupancy Standards

The following are occupancy standards from the Aurora Property Maintenance Code:

Minimum Occupant Requirements

Space 1-2 Occupants
3-5 Occupants
6 or More Occupants
Living Room
120 square feet
120 square feet
150 square feet
Dining Room
No Requirements
80 square feet
100 square feet


For bedroom information, please see below or call the Division of Property Standards at 630-256-3770 for more detailed information.
  • Bedrooms for one person must be a minimum of 70 square feet.
  • Bedrooms for two or more persons must be a minimum of 50 square feet for each person.
  • Property zoned single family may not have apartments added.
  • Apartments may not be established in the basement or attic of any residence.

**NEW Ordinance Requirements**

A Lodging House is a one-family dwelling where 4 or more unrelated persons reside. For more information on Lodging houses and the additional requirements, please visit: Lodging House & Ordinance Changes