Special Events

The City of Aurora Special Events Division sponsors a wide variety of events through continued partnerships leveraged between the City and community and civic organizations.

Mission of the Special Events Division

We work to promote the City of Aurora, with special events and cultural activities that entertain, enhance quality of life, encourage community pride and participation, and aid in developing a greater cross-cultural community.


The Special Events Division provides the following functions:
  • Assist the public in acquiring Public Health, Safety and Transportation committee approval for events requesting the use of public property
  • Develop and stage select City-sponsored events and activities
  • Manage neighborhood festival funding grants and other grant programs
  • Recruit and train volunteers for select events
  • Serve as a liaison or coordinator for various appointed and volunteer boards
The Special Events Division also serves as a liaison to the Aurora Hispanic Heritage Advisory Board and assists in staging the annual Hispanic Community Breakfast, El dia de Los Ninos, and other Hispanic Heritage activities. More information on the board can be found at their website.