Abandoned Vehicles

All vehicles parked at residential properties must be currently licensed and operable. A vehicle is deemed inoperable if the tires have been removed, if two or more tires are flat, if major vehicle parts have been removed (i.e. windshield, engine, transmission, brakes, quarter panel, etc.) or if the vehicle cannot be started and driven forward and backward.

Inoperable vehicles parked on private property can be stickered and removed by the City. Payment of a substantial tow charge is required in order to have the vehicle released.

Inoperable vehicles brought to a property by the owner or occupants are the responsibility of the property owner. However, in cases where a vehicle is abandoned at a property or left by a former tenant and the owner has no towing service contract, the City does provide a service for removal.

Reporting Violations

Violations may be reported to the City of Aurora's Customer Service Division online or by calling 630-256-INFO (4636).

If someone has abandoned a vehicle at your property, you may have it removed by filling out the abandoned vehicle form (PDF) and mailing or delivering it to:
City of Aurora
Division of Property Standards
77 South Broadway
Aurora, Illinois, 60505
[email protected]