Residential Parking & Driveways

Parking on grass and dirt is unsightly and causes ruts, uneven grading of yards that can result in structural damage, creates depressions for stagnant water and mosquitoes. The following rules guide residential parking and driveways, but are not exhaustive. For more information, contact Property Standards at 630-256-3770.

Acceptable Surfaces

All vehicles must be parked on cement, asphalt, or pre-existing gravel surfaces. Gravel surfaces established before 1971 at residential properties occupied by the owner are considered grandfathered and may be continued as long as they are adequately maintained. Rental properties are not included under this grandfather clause and must be a hard (cement, asphalt, or permeable pavement) surface.

New Construction

All newly-established parking spaces and driveways require a paving permit from the Division of Building and Permits and must be constructed of hard surfaces such as cement, asphalt, or permeable pavement. For more information contact Building and Permits at: 630-256-3130.

Parking on Grass

Parking on grass or dirt is prohibited at all properties. City fines for parking on grass or dirt range from $50 to $500 per day.