Carbon Monoxide Detectors

The State of Illinois Act 094-0741 and local ordinance require a carbon monoxide detector to be installed within 15 feet of all sleeping rooms of all dwelling units. This act became effective on January 1, 2007.

The requirement applies to any dwelling unit or any room or suite used for habitation with a sleeping room. This may require multiple detectors for your home or apartment.

The law applies to all residences and motels. There are no exceptions. There are penalties for noncompliance.

There are various types of detectors that may be used:
  • Battery powered
  • Plug in with battery backup
  • Direct-wired to the building electrical system with battery backup.

Combination Detectors

Combination smoke and carbon monoxide detectors may be used. A different tone is required for smoke detection and carbon monoxide detection. Check the product literature for compatibility with your existing detectors.

Installation & Maintenance

The homeowner or landlord is responsible for installing the detectors. In rental units, tenants are responsible for maintaining functioning batteries. If hardwired detectors are installed, an electrical permit is required.

This is an important safety requirement. For a minimal investment, these detectors can save your life and those of your family.