Heating Requirements

Residential Buildings

All tenants at rental residential properties are entitled to adequate heat beginning on September 23rd and ending on May 5th of each year. The provision of adequate heat is necessary for the health and general welfare of all residential tenants, especially young children.

If your rental residential property lacks adequate heat, first contact your landlord or his designated agent and report the problem. If heat is still not restored, then contact the City's Customer Service Division at 630-256-INFO (4636).

In cases of emergency or when calling after hours or on weekends, please call the City's 911 Emergency Center.

Substantial fines ranging from $50 to $500 per day may be issued to landlords who do not provide adequate heat for their tenants.


Section PM-602.3 Residential Buildings - Heat required:
(a) It shall be unlawful for any person owning, operating or controlling any rental single-family dwelling, two-family dwelling, apartment house, lodging house, rooming house, boardinghouse or hotel, in which heat is furnished from a heating plant for the purpose of heating the various rooms and apartments therein to fail to furnish heat to such rooms and apartments from September 23 of each year to May 5 of the succeeding year, so that the occupants thereof may secure, without such undue restriction of ventilation as to interfere with proper health and sanitary conditions, minimum temperature as follows:
  •   68° F
Averaged throughout the room or apartment. Measurement of temperature readings may be made either in person with a standard Fahrenheit thermometer or by the use of a temperature recorder. Measurements are to be made no closer than 3 feet to an outside wall and 3 feet off the floor.

Note: Standards are established by the Aurora Property Maintenance Code.