Weed & Grass Abatement Program

The Weed and Grass Abatement Program is designed to protect the residential neighborhoods of Aurora. The maximum permitted height of grass is 8 inches. This program is important because tall grass and weeds:
  • Reduce adjacent property values and prevent neighbors from having full enjoyment of their property during spring and summer months.
  • Attract vermin and insects creating a potential health hazard.
  • Cause hay fever and other allergy problems.
  • Create a potential fire hazard.
  • Detract from the overall beauty and desirability of the City.
Tall Grass
Violators may be ticketed. Additionally, the City is authorized to cut tall grass and weeds on property and charge the owner for the cost of cutting as well as an escalating fine.

Violations may be reported to the City of Aurora's Customer Service Division online or by calling 630-256-INFO (4636).


Weeds. Duty of Property Owner; Excluded Areas

Section PM 302.4 - A. Every property owner is required to cut and destroy all weeds located on land within the jurisdictional limits of the city whenever they exceed a height of 8 inches or if, in the opinion of the health authority, destruction of weeds is necessary. Any property owner who does not maintain property as required by this section shall be in violation of this code.
B. The health authority may exclude from the provisions of this section any land located in a public nature area or not within 200 feet of any private residence or place of public use; provided, that such weeds do not otherwise cause a health or safety hazard in the opinion of the health authority.

C. The health authority shall exclude those areas located within any property owned or leased by a unit of local government within the jurisdictional limits of the city used for institutional or recreational purposes.
Weed Violation

Notice to Abate

Section PM 302.4.1 - A. Lots with occupied structures. Notice to abate a violation of this section shall be given in writing to the property owner and shall state a specified period of time for abatement by the property owner. Where a property owner can not be found, or otherwise served with notice by mail, then alternatively, notice to abate a violation of this article may be given by posting a sign in a conspicuous place near the main entrance of a structure on the property. In either event, the text of the notice shall contain a reference to the provision of this code violated and may contain such other information respecting the nature of the violation as the health authority deems advisable.

B. Lots with unoccupied structures and vacant lots. The city shall cause to be published in a newspaper of general circulation within the city limits once a week for two consecutive weeks during the month of May of each year a notice informing all such property owners that the growth of weeds on any such lot is contrary to the ordinances of the city. The notice shall further inform the public that should the weeds ever grow to more than 8 inches in height, the city may cut the weeds without further notice and the property owner shall be liable to the city for its costs. This notice shall be a display advertisement.

C. It shall be unlawful for anyone to deface, tamper with, or remove the "Notice to Abate" sign from the property where it is posted unless authorized by the health authority.


Section PM 302.4.2 - A. After notice has been provided pursuant to Section 302.4.10 the health authority is authorized to cut or destroy such weeds. If the health authority cuts or destroys any weeds as provided in this section, the city shall have a lien for the costs of abatement, including recording fees and offender provisions herein, for an administrative fee in the amount established including, expenses which may have been incurred by the city regarding such abatement. Offender provisions shall increase in the amount each time the city is required to cut or destroy weeds within a growing season (May 1 to November 15) as follows:
  • First time offense: $50
  • Second time offense within the same growing season: $150
  • Third time offense within the same growing season: $250
  • Fourth time offense within the same growing season: $500
D. A property owner who fails to cut or destroy weeds, as required in the notice provided in Section 302.4.1, shall be guilty of an offense punishable as provided herein. Each day a violation exists after notice is sent, posted or advertised, shall be a separate offense. In addition to the penalty provided in this section, the city may apply for injunctive relief to require abatement, in addition to any other remedies available.