Standing Committees

There are 4 standing-committees each made up of 3 aldermen and 1 alternate.

Planning & Development

  • Alderman Michael B. Saville, Chairman
  • Alderman Sherman Jenkins, Member
  • Alderman Carl Franco, Member
  • Alderman William "Bill" Donnell, Alternate
  • Connie Krug – Committee Clerk
The Planning and Development Committee reviews proposed residential subdivisions and commercial developments, requests for annexation, planning, zoning and other planning issues.

Finance Committee

  • Alderman Robert O’Connor, Chairman
  • Alderman Edward J. Bugg, Member
  • Alderman Theodoros "Ted" Mesiacos, Member
  • Alderman Richard "Rick" Mervine, Alternate
  • Shelly Windett – Committee Clerk
The Finance Committee reviews proposed expenditures, the annual City budget, contracts for goods or services involving the City, taxation, bond issues and other finance issues.

Government Operations

  • Alderman Scheketa Hart-Burns, Chairman
  • Alderman Richard "Rick" B. Mervine, Member
  • Alderman Judd Lofchie, Member
  • Alderman Carl Franco, Alternate
  • Cristal Colon – Committee Clerk
The Government Operations Committee, reviews parades, rally requests, requests from charity groups to solicit donations, intergovernmental relations, street light and other general operations.

Building, Grounds & Infrastructure

  • Alderman Juany Garza, Chairman
  • Alderman William "Bill" Donnell, Member
  • Alderman Kristina "Tina" Bohman, Member
  • Alderman Scheketa Hart-Burns, Alternate
  • Jeane Beck – Committee Clerk
The Building, Grounds and Infrastructure Committee reviews flooding and drainage problems, violation of flood plain zoning, all matters pertaining to the environment, sanitation, solid waste and other infrastructure issues.