Japanese Lilac Tree

A Japanese Tree Lilac is an ornamental tree with stiff spreading branches an oval-rounded to vase shape crown. The clusters of white, fragrant flowers are about a foot long and 10 inches wide. After the flowers fade, the tree produces seed capsules that attract songbirds. Mature height is 20 feet to 30 feet and 15 feet to 25 feet wide.

Japanese lilac tree is very similar to a lilac bush, except that it grows more upright and has a wider trunk. A Japanese lilac tree can grow to a height of thirty feet, and usually has a rounded, upright shape and has creamy white flowers appearing in early summer. The spade shaped leaves of this lilac tree are dark green and deciduous.

A Japanese lilac tree should be planted in a location of full sunlight. When pruning, it is important not to remove too much from a Japanese lilac tree, as this will likely reduce the flower output the following year, in much the same way that damaging the tree with wind will. When cared for properly and given the proper growing conditions, a Japanese lilac tree can easily survive for nearly 100 years.
Japanese Lilac