Electrical Aggregation

Fair Choice & Firm Costs: Aurora's Electrical Aggregration 2014-2016

Two years ago, the residents of Aurora passed a referendum allowing the City of Aurora to participate in electrical aggregation. The city entered into a 2-year contract with First Energy Solutions that saved the average Aurora homeowner $16.60 per month over the past 2 years.
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This year, the City of Aurora once again engaged in a competitive bidding process for electrical rates. Over the last 2 years, the market has changed significantly and, as expected, rates came in considerably higher across the board. In May, Aurora entered into a new contract with Homefield Energy that locks in the rate of 8.086 cents per kilowatt hour for 2 years, which is 0.010 cents less than ComEd's summer rates plus the estimated Purchased Electricity Adjustment of 0.500 cents. The new rate goes into effect beginning in August of this year.

While rates have risen over the last 2 years, the City of Aurora chose to enter into a new contract in order to preserve the right of Aurora's residents to choose another provider at any time during the contract, protect against possible rising energy costs and promote environmentally-friendly green energy production.

Protecting You Against Rising Energy Costs

The new Homefield Energy contract guarantees a single, stable price for the next 2 years and allows residents to change to a different provider at any time, without penalty.
  • If energy rates rise, you are protected. If competitors' rates fall, you can easily move to a less expensive provider.
  • ComEd charges different rates seasonally, and its rates can change unpredictably.
  • In contrast, Homefield Energy's rates are locked in at 8.086 cents per kilowatt hour through July 2016.

Preserving Your Right to Choose

Our residents deserve the right to choose their own electricity provider based on what is best for their families and households.
  • Aurora preserved our residents' right to choose their electricity supplier. Without this contract, residents risked being returned to ComEd for a minimum of one year before having the option to choose another provider according to state regulations.
  • Residents can opt out of the Homefield Energy's program and move back to ComEd, or another supplier, at any time during the contract without penalty.
  • Customer support will be provided to help residents evaluate options and make informed decisions.

Promoting Green Energy

  • Aurora has been a nationally-recognized leader in environmental sustainability.
  • Homefield Energy will support 100% green energy from Illinois and in the Midwest region to power our city.
  • By choosing 100% green energy production, Aurora is supporting a healthier environment.
  • ComEd only guarantees that 8% of its energy production comes from renewable sources.