Electrical Aggregation Referendum

Shining Light on the City of Aurora's Electrical Aggregation Referendum

Ballot Question

The Aurora City Council authorized the following referendum question to be placed on the March 20, 2012 General Primary election ballot: "Shall the City of Aurora have the authority to arrange for the supply of electricity for its residents and small commercial retail customers who have not opted out of such program?"

What Does This Mean?

If the referendum passes, the City would purchase electricity on behalf of its residents and small businesses through a competitive bidding process from an electricity supplier other than Commonwealth Edison (ComEd). Savings of about 12% to 18% on electricity costs have been obtained in the 18 Illinois towns that have gone through the competitive bidding process to date.

The City of Aurora's Municipal Electricity Aggregation Initiative on Vimeo

Potential Savings

An example of possible savings for a customer with an average monthly bill:
  • Delivery (ComEd) - $28
  • Supply (ComEd) - $52
  • Total - $80
Estimated average monthly bill with 15% savings:
  • Delivery (ComEd) - $28
  • Supply (Alternative supplier) - $40
  • Total - $68
Any savings to be seen by Aurora electricity customers would be dependent upon bids submitted by potential electricity suppliers.


Residents and small businesses may choose to "opt-out" and not participate in the City's electrical aggregation program. If the referendum is successful, two mailings will be sent to all electricity customers asking whether they wish to "opt-out" of the program. Customers electing to "opt-out" will continue to purchase electricity from ComEd, as they do currently.

Important to Note

If the referendum is successful, and the City approves an electric supply contract with an alternative supplier other than ComEd, you should know:
  • ComEd will continue to be responsible for the distribution of electricity. In other words, ComEd will continue to maintain power lines and bring power from the alternative electricity supplier to Aurora residents and small business owners.
  • City electricity customers would still call ComEd if they experienced a problem with their service.
  • Customers would continue to receive only one electricity bill, which would come from ComEd. The cost of electricity provided by the supplier and ComEd's delivery fees would be reflected on the ComEd bill.
  • The City of Aurora would receive no revenue from this arrangement.

For More Information

For more information about the program, call 630-585-5266 with questions.