The Procurement Process


The Procurement function of the City of Aurora is governed by State and Federal statues, City ordinances, Procurement Policy and Procedures, and generally accepted purchasing practices.

The process used by the City of Aurora begins with the development of a requisition by the using department and ends with the issuance of a purchase order.

Contracted providers of goods and services are held accountable for meeting all specifications, requirements, terms and conditions, and contractual obligations. Failure to do so will result in procurement’s termination of contract according to contractual terms.

Procurement Thresholds and Award Requirements

Goods less than $5,000 are typically purchased at point of sale or on-line. Services less than $5,000 are typically requested via phone and require a vendor generated quotation. This threshold of goods and services may be awarded through payment via Pcard, check, or issuance of a Purchase Order.

The Procurement Division is responsible for sourcing all goods and services in excess of $5,000. The city is not liable for goods delivered or services rendered through any means other than the below sourcing and award process.
  • Goods and Services exceeding $5,000 but less than $24,999 utilize an informal process.
  • Goods and Services exceeding $25,000 utilize a formal process.

Dollar Amount

   $5,000 - 25,000 over $25,000
Businesses notified via
   web link alert web link alert
​Demand Star
​Local newspaper advertisement
Published for
   5-10 business days prior to due date 15 business days prior to due date
Solicitations will be
   either ITB (Invitation to Bid) or RFP (Request for Proposal). either ITB (Invitation to Bid), RFP (Request for Proposal), RSOQ (Request Statement of Qualifications) or other, or a combination of any of these
Solicitations available via
   website website
Offers will be in the form of
   a bid or a proposal. Form of offer will be per city requirements, city terms and conditions, and per city format. a structured bid or proposal. Form of offer will be per city requirements, city terms and conditions, city contract and per city format. RSOQ (Request for Statement of Qualifications) may be less structured.
Bids/Proposals submitted
   to Procurement Department via e-mail to City Clerk via sealed envelope
   Non-public public opening of bids
​public reading of names of proposers
Bid Tabulation

​List of Proposers
   available within 5 business days

as read published on website within 5 business days

​final published on website within 13 business days
Award is typically
   within 30* days and will be via purchase order. A contract may be required.

​*The city retains the right to award within 90 days.
within 90 days although the complexity of the solicitation structure and project may require more time. Award will be via city purchase order and city generated contract.
Award approved by
   Director of Purchasing City Council

Past Solicitations

Tabulations and results from former solicitations are published on the website under the year in which they were solicited. 

Bidders Lists

The city does not maintain bidders lists.

Applicability of Taxes


 The City of Aurora is exempt by law from paying State and City Retailer’s Occupation Tax, State Service Occupation Tax, State Use Tax and Federal Excise Tax (per Illinois Revised Statutes, Chapter 120, paragraph 44) for goods and services. 
  • The City of Aurora’s Sales Tax Exemption Number is E9996-0842-07.
  • The City of Aurora’s FEIN is 36-6005778. 


The City of Aurora pays net 45 days. 

The city pays via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). Payment set-up and authorization occurs at time of registration. Businesses not equipped with EFT capabilities may, upon approval of the Director of Procurement, receive payment by check. To receive said approval, please submit a request in writing to [email protected]

The city pays some businesses via p-card. While p-cards are predominantly used for small dollar purchases, there are occasions where payment via p-card may be desirable. Businesses unable to utilize EFT payments, and preferring payment via p-card must receive approval of the Director of Procurement. Please submit a request in writing to [email protected]