The City of Aurora Procurement Division welcomes the interest and participation of all businesses seeking to provide goods and services to the city. This website is designed to acquaint you with the process for procuring goods and services for day to day operations as well as long-term projects.


The Procurement Division’s primary objective is to invite all qualified businesses to participate in solicitations so the city may procure at the lowest, most responsible cost, goods and services meeting the best needs of the city.

Sole Authority 

The Procurement Division has the sole authority for awarding the purchase of goods, services, leases, service agreements, contracts, and the sale of surplus property. Procurement ensures that transaction(s) comply with city ordinances as well as all applicable federal and state statutes.

Standards of Service 

  • All Procurements are conducted based on the highest standards and ethical behavior… essential to balance diverse public interests. All business dealings will be per procurement regulations and in accordance with city ordinances and applicable state and federal laws. 
  • The Procurement Division will conduct business with honesty and integrity… essential to preserve the public’s trust. 
  • The Procurement Division exists as a resource and strategic partner to serve all stakeholders… essential to support the public good. 
  • The Procurement Division takes ownership and commits to being responsible to all stakeholders… essential to preserve the public trust and protect the public interest. 
  • The Procurement Division commits to unbiased decision-making and action… essential to ensure fairness for the public good. All businesses shall be treated fairly throughout the entire procurement process: from solicitation through award, inclusive of contract administration and contract management. 

Centralized Sourcing

The City of Aurora has a centralized procurement division. The Procurement Division is the authority for all procurements. Businesses shall not make sales to city employees without the issuance of a purchase order approved by the Procurement Division. Employees outside of the procurement division do not have authority to commit city funds.

Invitation to Providers of Goods and Services

Businesses wishing to do business with the City of Aurora should register to be notified of future solicitation opportunities for their designated goods/services. The city desires to maximize competition fostering prudent oversight of taxpayer dollars.

Businesses who have been selected for award must also be registered as a city vendor. This registration requires additional contact information and the submittal of a W9, EFT registration, and other information as requested at time of award.


The Procurement Division is responsible for communicating all policies and processes in a manner that is accessible to and understandable by the general public.

The Procurement Division is responsible for documenting all solicitations and award for goods and services.


The Procurement Division has been a proud member of NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement for over 50 years.

Additional affiliations include: 

  • IGFOA: The Illinois Government Finance Officers Association
  • IAPPO: The Illinois Association of Public Procurement
  • MAPP: The Midwest Association of Public Procurement 


The guidelines presented on this website are for informational purposes only. They do not supplant the laws, regulations, and procedures governing procurement by the City of Aurora. In the event of changes in those laws, regulations or procedures, the laws, regulations, and procedures are binding and take precedence.