Businesses registered as providers for specific commodities or services will automatically be notified via e-mail each time a solicitation for that specific commodity or service is activated.

It is the responsibility of the business to verify that the information provided when self-registering is accurate. The city is not responsible for errors with the businesses’ database.

Notifications will also be published:

  • In The Beacon News, the City of Aurora’s local newspaper
  • On DemandStar by Oniva, a web based broadcast site for government solicitations. 
  • IDOT website (if applicable)


Within five (5) business days of solicitation due dates the following information will be published on the website.
  • Bids (Informal and Formal): bid analysis and Procurement’s* recommendation to award.
    • For some solicitations an additional technical review may be required to confirm compliance with specifications. In such cases, recommendation to award may be delayed.
  • Proposers (Informal and Formal): a list of proposers submitting proposals
Legally the city has thirteen (13) days to publish.


Evaluation of submittals is based on the individual specification and solicitation criteria. Participants in the evaluation process include the requesting department, the end using department, and the procurement division; and if applicable, an internal or external subject matter expert.

Bids are awarded to the lowest responsive, responsible bidder meeting the best needs of the city.

Proposals are awarded to the proposer meeting the best needs of the city.


The evaluation of informal submittals should be completed no later than thirteen (13) business days. Award of informal solicitations may be anytime within 90 days of due date and is confirmed by the issuance of a purchase order and, if applicable, city contract.


Evaluation of formal proposals may take as long as ninety (90) days.

Public announcement of recommendation to award for formal solicitations is defined as the date the recommendation is presented before the Finance Council. Confirmation of the intent to award a formal solicitation is by City Council at a public meeting scheduled for the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. Actual award is by the issuance of a purchase order and, if applicable, city contract. Work may not proceed until the issuance of a purchase order and executed contract.