Goods and Services Procured by the City

Animal Care

Vet Services; Animal Medications; Food; Habitat; Rescue Groups/Information; Animal Training;

Construction – Horizontal

Roads; Bridges; Sanitary Sewer; Water Main; Drainage; Parking; Signage; Pedestrian Walkways; Bike Paths; Street and Traffic Lighting;

Construction – Vertical

Buildings; Remodeling; Renovating; Asbestos Abatement; Demolition; Water Towers

Equipment (non-Heavy), Consumables

Safety equipment, Tools, Hardware, Road Materials, Chemicals; Uniforms, Sign supplies, Water Meters, Gravel, Sand, Dirt, Pumps, Tanks, Motors

Facilities: Maintenance, Repair, Operations

Maintenance and Repair Services of: Elevators, Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical Supplies; Services for: Janitorial Cleaning, Provision of Mat/Towels; Furniture; Workspace; Security; Fire Prevention/Suppression; Energy; Utilities; Supplies, Flags

Information Technology

Computer Hardware, Software, Telecommunications, Cloud Services, Cyber-security, Cabling, Fiber Optic; Network Services, Maintenance and Repair, Training 

Office Supplies and Services

Consumables; Paper; Printing Services; Document Management and Destruction; Multi-functional Devices; Promotional Materials, Microfilming, Digital Imaging, Janitorial Supplies; Break-room Supplies, First Aid Supplies, Photo Development

Parks, Golf, Entertainment

Vending Services; Concessions; Catering; Event Facilities; Amusements; DJs; Entertainers; Artists; Rental of Tents, tables, chairs, Port-a-Johns, Inflatables…; Transportation; Sound Systems; Fireworks; Movies; Music; Flowers;

Professional Services and Consulting

Finance; Human Resources; Engineering; Legal; Environmental; Training; Air Port Operations; Appraisal Services; Interpreter Services; Drug Testing; Psychological Testing; Environmental Studies; Temporary Staffing; Surveying; Benefits, SCADA, Lab testing

Public Safety

Police; Fire; Towing; Disaster Preparedness; Polygraph Services; Field Equipment; Prisoner Care; Weather Services 

Street/Ground Services

Snow Removal, Landscape, Turf, Tree removal, Ground services; Insecticide, Waste disposal, Pest control, Property Clean Up, Property Board Up;

Surplus Property

Vehicle, Parts, Services and Heavy Equipment

Dealerships, Repair Centers, Part providers, Fuel, Leased Vehicles; Rental Equipment; Oil Lubricants