Becoming a Provider of Goods and Services

The city is always interested in expanding our affiliation with businesses interested in providing goods or services to the City. All interested businesses should register to be notified of future solicitation opportunities for their designated goods/services. Registration for notification will result in automatic e-mails of activity relating to your selected goods/services.

Businesses who have been selected for award must also be registered as a city vendor. This registration requires additional contact information and the submission of a W9, EFT registration, and other information as requested at time of award. 

Register for Notification of selected goods and/or services

Businesses will be responsible for maintaining the accuracy of their contact information and selection of goods/services. Businesses registered for notification but not active will be removed. Active is defined as accessing the City of Aurora Procurement website at least one time within a two year time frame

Information Technology Procurement

The City of Aurora, Illinois has partnered with to support technology procurements.  For particular topic areas, shows the market landscape of companies and solutions, comparable implementations, contracts and pricing options, and various procurement options.  the City of Aurora then picks the solution, vendor and procurement vehicle that best fits our needs.  Additional information about the process can be requested by [email protected].

Register as a City Vendor

Registration as a city vendor is only required for businesses awarded work, however to be considered for the purchase of goods and/or services not using the formal bidding/proposal process, the vendor may complete the vendor application packet and return to the Purchasing Division. 

Minority, Women, Disabled, and Veteran Businesses

The city encourages businesses owned by minorities, women and disabled persons to participate in the procurement process. Evidence of MWDP status certified by the below programs and agencies must be submitted at time of registration in order to be recognized.
  • Illinois Unified Certification Program
  • Illinois Department of Central Management Services Business Enterprise Program
  • Illinois Department of Transportation, Doing Business
  • Women’s Business Development Center 


O18-070 approved August 28, 2018 defines “Local business” to mean a vendor or contractor who has a valid, verifiable physical business address located within the corporate boundaries of the City of Aurora at least twelve months prior to a bid or proposal opening date, from which the vendor, contractor or consultant operates or performs business on a daily basis, including manufacturing production or distribution. The business must disclose the percentage of workforce in the City of Aurora; be registered with the City of Aurora, if applicable; be subject to City of Aurora taxes (inclusive of sales taxes); be current with property tax payments and sales tax payments; not have any outside cited code violations; not have any outstanding debts to the City of Aurora; have adequately qualified and trained staff to service the bid of interest.