Community Oriented Policing (COP) Unit

Overview and responsibilities OF THE COP UNIT


 - Address quality of life issues within the City of Aurora and find a remedy for those issues.

 - Address known problem residences and work hand & hand with the property owners to alleviate issues with their properties.  Utilize Nuisance Abatement if need be.

 - Work hand & hand with community leaders in their wards, addressing any concerns that they may have or come from their residents.

 - Work with established citizen neighborhood community groups within their assigned police district of responsibility.  Click here for more information about existing neighborhood community groups and for information about starting a new community group.


  - Work hand & hand with the Aurora Housing Authority who has multiple properties within the City of Aurora.  

- Maintaining of Aurora Police Department Trespass Files (Trespass Agreements, Ban Letters, and Trespass Warnings).

 - Work major events, conducting both traffic direction & scene security.

 - Work after school events at elementary schools within their district of assignment.

 - Conduct CPTED surveys for residents, businesses, and schools.

 - Conduct traffic details targeting top accident intersections within various police areas & districts.

 - Conduct surveillance details to address various crime that may be trending. 

- Attend neighborhood block parties & events on behalf of the police department.

 - Give talks at elementary schools on various topics, current matters of importance, and issues of relevance. 

- Conduct pawn shop & recycler compliance checks.

 - Coordinate and oversee the Citizen Police Academy and Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association.

 - Coordinate and oversee the Youth Academy.

 - Coordinate and oversee the Crime Free Multi-Housing classes for both English & Spanish speakers.

 - Coordinate and oversee National Night Out festivities.

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