Support Services

The Bureau of Support Services is overseen by Commander Mike Doerzaph, and consists of the following divisions:
  1. Records Division

    Information about Police reports, Crash reports, Arrest Records checks, and having your fingerprints taken is available here.

  2. Telecommunications Division

    Find information about the Telecommunications Division and what this exciting career at the Aurora Police Department entails.

  3. Office of Professional Standards

    The Aurora Police Department is committed to providing the highest quality police service possible, and to doing so with the highest level of integrity. The Office of Professional Standards is responsible for investigating allegations of wrongdoing by members of the Aurora Police Department. Wrongdoing by employees is not tolerated. Transparency and accountability are important aspects of the process.

  4. Booking/Jail Division

    Find out about the Booking/Jail Division and how to get started in a career in Booking at the Aurora Police Department.

  5. Training Division

    The Training Division is responsible for arranging, planning, and conducting training for all employees of the Aurora Police Department.

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