Records Division

The Aurora Police Department Records staff is responsible for the management of police records, including the processing of reports, citations, warrants, expungements, Freedom of Information Act requests concerning police records, and the transmittal of information to police agencies, county/ state/federal courts and corrections systems.
The Records Department is open for walk-up business from 8am – 4pm, Monday through Friday, in the lobby of the Aurora Police Department at 1200 E. Indian Trail Aurora, IL 60505. 

After hours requests can be directed to the front desk officer on duty. Voicemails and emails will be directed to records staff during the next scheduled business day.

Phone: 630-256-5720
Fax: 630-256-5729
Email: [email protected] 

Records staff contact information is as follows:
Records Manager   Alyssa Bockman                  630-256-5722
Rosa Bocanegra                      630-256-5723
Maria Courtney                        630-256-5726
Christy Davis                            630-256-5725
Luly Godinho                            630-256-5727
Chris Hayevsky                         630-256-5725
Janine Hines                             630-256-5718
Theodora Hope                         630-256-5728
Amy Jackson                             630-256-5731
Rich Keck                                  630-256-5724
Elizabeth Robles                       630-256-5736

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