Contracted Tow Companies

Under Chapter 46 of the City of Aurora’s Municipal Code of Ordinances, the Aurora Police Department maintains a tow rotation roster of 12 local tow companies that will respond to requests for a tow truck from officers or city staff. The tow roster provides a fair and impartial means of distributing city requests for towing services among qualified towing firms, and to ensure that such services are prompt and reasonably priced and are provided in the best interest of the public, as well as the interest of efficient removal of such vehicles. 

Tow Companies      

(Effective- 07/01/2016) 

Auto Paint Techniques
43 E. Illinois Av
(630) 897-5154

City Auto Wreckers
690 McClure Rd 
(630) 688-0441

Hollywood Collision        Chico’s Towing
 1137 Mitchell Rd B           186 Woodlawn Av
 (630) 892-8651                 (331) 442-1978
 Lake Auto Rebuilders     Classic Towing
 65 S. Lake St.                    1313 N. Lake St.
 (630) 675-1187                  (630) 392-6844
 Mendoza Auto Service      Lee Body Shop
 110 Washington St             120 Woodlawn Av
 (630) 851-9122                    (630) 896-7749
 Auto Express Towing       SCR Towing
 135 Third St.                      735 N. Highland Ave.
 (630) 809-8456                   (630) 878-6208
 Tony’s Body Shop Towing    Grant Towing Co.
 321 N. E. Industrial Dr            1101 Aurora Av.  
 (630) 859-3241                        (630) 844-1909