Office of Professional Standards

Introduction by Chief Keith Cross

A positive relationship between the community and its police department, fostered by trust and confidence, is essential to law enforcement. The Mission Statement of the Aurora Police Department states that we nurture public trust by holding ourselves to the highest standards of performance and ethics.

Due to the sheer nature of their duties, police officers must be able to act independently and make decisions within the scope of the authority granted them based upon their training, experience, and knowledge of the law. In order for police officers to effectively accomplish this, they must be free to exercise their judgment and discretionary powers so they may initiate appropriate action in a lawful and impartial manner without fear of reprisal. The police officer must strive to do all this and more, while at the same time recognizing the constitutional, statutory, and human rights of each and every individual.

Upon the Chief of Police rests the responsibility of providing and maintaining a system that addresses and investigates the public’s complaints. This system will not only subject personnel to corrective action when wrong-doing or inappropriate conduct is determined, but will also serve to vindicate personnel when duties are properly and reasonably performed. It is imperative that provisions be made for the prompt and objective investigation and disposition of personnel complaints and criticisms regarding the conduct and job performance of employees of the Aurora Police Department.

The goal of the Aurora Police Department is to provide the community with the finest and most efficient police services available.

 - Keith Cross, Chief of Police

PRIDE - Public Service. Respect. Integrity. Dedication. Empowerment.