Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)

The Aurora Police Department has a number of officers specially training to assist and serve those with special needs or who are dealing with a crisis of some sort.  These officers are referred to as Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) officers.  

The Aurora Police Department strives to enhance the quality of life for those with special needs or mental illness, and their families, and to reduce the use or need for force necessary to protect these citizens.  The Crisis Intervention Team officers work to guide these citizens and their families to a safe and favorable outcome.  The Aurora Police Department also works with the community, the courts, and local service partners to help these citizens.   
If you are currently dealing with an emergency crisis of any kind, please call 911 and the Aurora Police Department will respond.  If you are not in an immediate crisis but would like to talk to a Crisis Intervention Team officer, please call Lt. Mike Abbs at 630-256-5111 or Sgt. Douglas Podschweit at 630-256-5317.  We would be happy to talk with you or arrange for you to talk to one of our other CIT officers or one of our community service partners.

For additional information about services for those with special needs, please click the below link:
Special Needs Aurora Police Program (SNAPP)
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    Physical Address
    1200 East Indian Trail
    Aurora, IL 60505

    Phone: (630) 256-5000
    Fax: 630-256-5729
    Emergency: 911

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