Community Oriented Policing

The Community Oriented Policing Unit (COP Unit) falls under the Patrol Bureau  of the Aurora Police Department.  The unit is currently comprised of 18 officers and 3 sergeants who work in the three geographical patrol areas that make up the City of Aurora.  Each patrol area is assigned its own COP squad which consists of a sergeant and 6 officers.  The officers in return are assigned to the various designated police districts within their assigned area.  These officers act as trouble-shooters addressing various crime and quality of life issues that affect the City of Aurora, specifically within their assigned area/district.  Taking an ownership-like mentality, these officers work hand-in-hand with the residents and businesses to make their community a better place to live and work.  These officers accomplish this by employing Community-Oriented Policing philosophies combined with the strategies and practices of Problem-Oriented Policing.  

Community-Oriented Policing is a philosophy that combines traditional aspects of law enforcement with prevention measures, problem-solving, community engagement, and community partnerships.  Problem-Oriented Policing is a policing strategy that involves the identification and analysis of specific crime and disorder problems, in order to develop effective response strategies.  

The COP Unit utilizes a variety of tools to address issues within their assigned area.  These range from obtaining Trespass Agreements for properties, initiating Nuisance Abatement on problem residences, and conducting CPTED(Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) surveys for residents, businesses, and schools to deter crime.  The COP Unit also works to educate the public by coordinating and overseeing the Citizen Police Academy, the Youth Academy, and the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program.   Through its various programs and initiatives, the COP Unit embodies that of the Aurora Police Department’s Mission Statement which states “We will enhance the quality of life in Aurora through innovation, partnerships, and dedicated service to our community”.    Please click 
Here for additional information regarding Community Oriented Policing.   Please click the below links for information about the Community Oriented Policing officers and their areas of responsibility.

Area 1 - West side of Aurora
Area 2 - Near East side of Aurora
Area 3 - Far East side of Aurora

Safety and Crime Prevention Presentations

The Community-Oriented Policing Unit is equipped to handle a variety of crime prevention and safety presentations for organizations and groups.  Some of the topics that can be covered are listed below.  If you want to request a talk, please call the Community-Oriented Policing Unit at 630-256-5890.

Child Personal Safety - Stranger Danger
Cybersafety for Kids Online - A Parent's Guide
Tips for Parents on Children Left Home Alone
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) For Home and Business
Safety for Women
Scams and Con Games
School Safety
Senior Citizen Crime Prevention
Shoplifting Prevention and Retail Theft Crews
Vehicle Burglary and Theft Prevention
Halloween Safety
Gun Safety
Violence in the Workplace
Bank Robbery Prevention and Dos and Don'ts
COP Christmas Gifts Giving 1