General Investigations

The General Investigations Unit itself is comprised of four separate areas of primary assignment.  Personnel from these areas come together to assist and collaborate on major investigations.  

The four areas are as follows:
1. Person Crimes.  These are crimes against the person, such as murder, robbery, battery, sexual assault, and missing persons.
2. Property Crimes.   These are crimes that affect one’s property (and not their “person”), such as residential burglary, business burglary, vehicle burglary, criminal damage to property, criminal defacement, theft, and retail theft.
3. Juvenile Crimes.  These are crimes committed against or by youth or juveniles.  

4.  Financial Crimes.  These are crimes that neither are against the “person”, nor against physical property.  Rather, they include crimes such as fraud, embezzlement, identity theft, forgery, bribery, deceptive practices, and financial scams.  
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  1. General Investigations

    Phone: 630-256-5500

  2. Jeff Wiencek

    Day Shift Patrol Lieutenant
    Phone: 630-256-5511

  3. Matt Thomas

    Area 1 Afternoon Patrol Lieutenant
    Phone: 630-256-5113

  4. Don Flowers

    Day Shift Investigations Sergeant
    Phone: 630-256-5525

  5. Eric Westrom

    Day Shift Investigations Sergeant
    Phone: 630-256-5521

  6. Tom McNamara

    Afternoon Shift Investigations Sergeant
    Phone: 630-256-5522

  7. Rodarte Nancy

    Afternoon Shift Investigations Sergeant
    Phone: 630-256-5526