School Resource Officer Unit

The Aurora Police Department has Student Resource Officers (SROs) who serve 13 different high schools and middle schools.  SROs work with the school staff and student body to maintain a safe environment that is conducive to education and mutual respect. This may extend beyond the school campus due to school events after or before school. 

As representatives of the police department, SROs work to strike a balance between the role of traditional law enforcement officer, law-related counselor, and law-related educator. As the chief enforcement officer of criminal laws and ordinances in this community (some more populous than certain U.S. towns), this may include the initiating of arrests, when necessary.  However, SROs have other dispositions at their disposal and work to develop a relationship with the student, staff and parent in order to provide the students the best chance of success in the long run.  SROs assist the school staff by consulting, advising and assisting as much as possible within their role.  SROs strive to be the model of a positive and professional police officer while also displaying the humanistic side of the badge. 

  1. Chris McWilliams

    Lieutenant, Afternoon Watch Commander

  2. Eric Westrom

    Investigations Division Lieutenant