Sidewalk and Driveway Replacement

Sidewalk Replacement 

The City of Aurora maintains the public sidewalk system consisting of concrete sidewalk within the right-of-way. The City will repair sidewalks that meet one or more of the following conditions: 

  • Sidewalk sections that have raised or sunk, creating a trip hazard of two inches or more, maximum vertical measurement. 
  • Sidewalk sections that have broken or separated into three or more pieces in which each piece is more than one foot square.
  • Sidewalk sections in which 50% or more of the surface is deteriorated, as defined by scaling to a depth of 1/2 inch or more. 
Conditions will be measured and evaluated for replacement by the City Engineer or designee. 

If you are concerned about the condition of a sidewalk or would like to report in a sidewalk in need of repair or replacement, please contact the City of Aurora's Engineering Division at 630-256-3200.

Driveway Approach and Curb and Gutter Replacement

The City of Aurora and property owners share the maintenance responsibilities for driveway approaches including sidewalk within the driveway and curb and gutter. The City of Aurora will reimburse owners for a portion of the cost to replace existing driveway approaches, sidewalk, and curb and gutter that are deteriorated.

To apply for a partial reimbursement of repairs to your driveway approach, and sidewalk, curb and gutter located in the public right-of-way, download the 2023 Driveway Assistance Program application. 

Driveway installation and repair requires a permit. Contact the Division of Building and Permits at 630-256-3130 for information on obtaining a permit.