Junior Links

Youth-Oriented Course

That's right. Our youth have their very own golf course that they can call their own. Phillips Park Golf Course features a unique 3-hole Junior Links specifically designed for junior golfers. The unique 3-hole layout was designed with the junior golfer in mind. The course features 3 holes ranging as long as 200 yards to as short as 50 yards. Each hole has 2 sets of tees. Two of the 3 greens are guarded by greenside bunkers.

Learning Environment / Walking-Only Course

The 3-hole layout provides the ideal environment for our juniors to learn the game of golf at their own pace. Adults may walk along or play with junior golfers to provide instruction, golf etiquette or for just sheer enjoyment. No tee times are required. The junior links is a walking-only golf course.
Young Boy in Shorts Playing Golf