Planned Developments

Planned Developments provide for unified land development under a plan description with development standards crafted to specific site conditions in order to: 
  • Encourage better coordinated development
  • Promote land use diversification
  • Allow for greater design flexibility through variation in bulk regulations 
  • Ensure compliance with land use policies 
  • Provide for economically beneficial development of public facilities and services
There are two types of Planned Developments in the City of Aurora a Planned Development District which includes at least two hundred (200) acres of contiguous property, and a Special Use Planned Development which can be any sized property.   

Plan Descriptions for a number of the City's Planned Developments are available here.  If you do not find the specific Planned Development you are looking for please contact the Planning and Zoning Division and we can provide it to you.      

Crestview Builders - Noggle Planned Development District (PDD-N)

Farnsworth International Planned Development District (PDD-FI)

Kirkland Crossing

Lakewood Valley Planned Development District (PDD-LV)

Lincoln Prairie Planned Development District (PDD-LP)

White Eagle Club Planned Development District (PDD-WE)