Interfaith Community Liaison


It is evident that the City of Aurora has an active faith community that exhibits as core values, the spirit of generosity and service. From the several community events sponsored by our faith institutions, inclusive of food pantries and health clinics, many of our residents and neighbors have received greatly needed assistance. An enhancement of the work of our faith institutions is the development of more partner initiatives that have the ability to leverage resources and fill gaps in needed service. The Mayor’s office of the City of Aurora, recognizing this opportunity support the work of our faith community and be a partner in their outreach, has created the volunteer position titled the Interfaith Community Liaison Volunteer to serve as the connector and facilitator of partnerships in service delivery, by our faith community.


  • Serve as the official liaison between the City of Aurora and a diverse group of faith leaders.
  • Host regular interfaith meetings to increase community awareness of available programs and services.
  • Survey faith based groups to identify opportunities to coordinate programming efforts and encourage collaboration across groups and between groups and the City of Aurora.
  • Identifying gaps in service to which the City, in concert with faith partners, can sponsor initiatives.
  • Participate in community meetings and events organized by faith community partners.
  • Develop activity reports and deliver progress presentations to the Chief Innovation Officer, and upon request, to the Mayor and City Council.
We are recruiting our first Interfaith Community Liaison who will serve a 2-year term in the role. Click here to complete the online application. Contact the Innovation Department at [email protected] if you prefer an application be emailed to you.