Reptile House

Alligator Closeup
  1. African Spurred Tortoise

    The African spurred tortoise is the third largest tortoise in the world, and the largest tortoise on the African mainland.

  2. American Alligator

    Read through some facts about the American alligator.

  3. Ball Python

    The ball python gets its name from its tendency to curl up like a ball when threatened.

  4. Brown Basilisk

    Find some information about the brown basilisk.

  5. Bull Snake

    Bull snakes are harmless and named for their distinctive hiss, which sounds like a grunting bull.

  6. Bullfrog

    Discover information about the bullfrog.

  7. Burmese Python

    Pythons are in the constrictor family of snakes.

  8. California Desert Tortoise

    The California desert tortoise are able to live where ground temperatures may exceed 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

  9. California King Snake

    The California king snakes claim to fame is their ability to kill and eat other snakes including venomous species like cottonmouths and rattle snakes.

  10. Common Snapping Turtle

    The common snapping turtle spends much of its time on the bottom of bodies of water.

  1. Eastern Box Turtle

    The eastern box turtles can live 30 to 50 years.

  2. Eastern Painted Turtle

    Eastern painted turtles are the most colorful turtles in North America.

  3. Green Iguana

    Agile climbers, adult iguanas are rarely found far from trees.

  4. Inland Bearded Dragon

    It is called “bearded” because of the dragon’s ability to flare out the skin in the throat region when it is threatened.

  5. Red Eared Slider

    Find information about the red eared slider turtle.

  6. Red Milk Snake

    Milk snakes got their name because it is said that they sucked milk directly from the udders of cows.

  7. Red Tail Boa Constrictor

    Red tail boas get their name from the color of their red tail.

  8. Spotted Gar

    The spotted gar have a specialized swim bladder which allows them to gulp air and live in poorly oxygenated back waters.

  9. Western Fox Snake

    Learn about the western fox snake.