Solar In Aurora

This is a Solar Landing Page with information on Aurora’s solar permit requirements and other solar resources.

In February 2018, the City of Aurora will be awarded Gold-level designation under the SolSmart program. Funded by the U.S. Department of Energy's SunShot Initiative, SolSmart helps local governments reduce barriers to solar energy growth and make it easier for homes and businesses to go solar. The City of Aurora promotes solar energy education through participation in the Fox Valley Sustainability Network.

Solar Permit Requirements

To obtain a permit for a solar installation in Aurora, applicants will need to submit the required solar building permit application:

Please feel free to inquire at the Building and Permit division, located at 77 S. Broadway Ave., about an estimated fee calculation. For additional information regarding the fee schedule please click below:

In order to complete the most common steps in the building permit process online, including scheduling inspections and viewing inspections results, please click the hyperlink below:

Solar Resources

Resources for residential installations:

Find out More: