Victim and Witness Information and Resources

There are many resources that are available to victims of all types, including victims of domestic violence and victims of sexual assault.  Below are links to websites and documents designed to help crime victims.

IMPORTANT ADVISEMENT:  A person who was arrested may be released on bond or some other form of release.  Victims and witnesses should not rely upon an arrest as a guarantee of safety. 

For information about how to pursue criminal charges:  
Click Here for English     Click Here for Spanish

There are a couple of documents that are specifically for victims of domestic violence.  Click the below links:

Illinois Domestic Violence Act Referral Agency Information - English and Spanish 

Illinois Domestic Violence Act State Information - English

Illinois Domestic Violence Act State Information - Spanish

For the document entitled "Mandatory Notice of Victim's Right to Information Regarding Sexual Assault Evidence Testing", Click Here

For the document entitled "Mandatory Notice for Survivors of Sexual Assault",
Click Here

Illiinois law provides for a variety of victim rights.  In some cases, victims are able to receive compensation.  For more information, click the below links:

The public in general, and crime victims in particular, have rights to some information about offenders.  VINE is a victim notification network, and it can be accessed at the below site:

The Illinois Automated Victim Notification (AVN) system is also a free service that allows victims to check on an offender's custody status and register for automatic notification when a person is released from jail:

For information about T-Visa and U-Visa, see the below site:

For information about identity theft in Illinois, see the below site of the Illinois Attorney General:

The Aurora Police Department primarily investigates crimes that actually occur within the Aurora city limits. Internet and other crimes where the suspect and / or transaction location occurred outside the city should be reported to the appropriate local jurisdiction or to one of the following agencies:

     - Internet-related fraud should be reported to

     - Non-internet related fraud occurring outside the state of Illinois may be reported  at

Witness Rights

Witnesses in Illinois also have certain rights, as enumerated in the Illinois Compiled Statutes in 725 ILCS 120/5.  These rights include:

1.  Notification of all court dates where the witness will be required.

2.  Access to employer intercession services

3.  Availability of a secure waiting area during trial.

4.  Availability of translation or sign language services as necessary.

5.  The right to submit a written request to receive notice of post-conviction relief sought, discharge information involving the accused, notification of any escape, parole, or other supervised release.

Witnesses may also request in writing a notice from the appropriate State's Attorney about post-conviction review, associated hearings, notice of the defendant's discharge from custody, release on patrol, probation or escape. 

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